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Why use Chelmsford Gas Services to design and install your system?

An A-rated boiler only performs at that level if it is installed correctly and finely tuned with your whole heating system.

Quite simply a boiler is only as good as the gas engineer that installs it. The importance of a competent installer cannot be understated.

Our engineers all have over a decade of experience, training and expertise and we never subcontract.

Everything you need to know about boilers

Boilers aren’t A-rated out of the box

Most A-rated boilers only actually perform at C or E rated within the home. 


Well, modern condensing boilers are much more complicated than non-condensing boilers.

They need to be finely tuned to the individual heating system in order for them to run at the highest efficiency. Matching the boiler to the system is a complicated task, involving setting the correct flow rates and DT cross the emitters (radiators).

To achieve this you need a good boiler to start with. Unfortunately many A-rated boilers available in the UK market do not have the ability to fine-tune them to the system. Lots of boilers are installed with the incorrect controls as many heating engineers don’t have the knowledge to make them work efficiently. 

Smart thermostats are also frequently installed incorrectly and do not necessarily make your system more efficient. 

Gas Safe Registration only means knowledge about safety, NOT efficiency

Gas Safe engineers are simply trained to install gas pipes and flues safely. Of course, that’s vital. But although everybody on the gas safe register can do this job safely, very few are trained to work on efficiency. 

There is no legislation to ensure that installers get adequate training on heating systems and how to get the most efficiency out of a boiler. This means that there are huge skill gaps within the industry. 

To get the best efficiency out of your boiler you need to look at the whole system. It needs to be cleaned and balanced properly. 

99% of installers cannot set up a gas boiler to run at the best efficiency. 

But all our engineers at Chelmsford Gas Services are differentWe’ve done all of the training and are the only Heat Geek certified installers in a wide area, to make sure that we are within the top 1% of installers that can get the job done properly and get the best out of an A-rated appliance.

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